2012 CDC Schedule is Now Posted

The 2012 Capital Driving Club schedule is now posted. See the full schedule on the website!

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Official 2011 CDC Season Results

Due to the confusion on if we will drop 7 or 8 events, Mike ran thru the two scenarios to see if it would make a difference…

In terms of the Small Bore Series.. If we drop 8 events, Franklin wins second ahead of Mike. If we drop 7 events, Mike ties with Franklin for second place. So the in light of the lack of clarification, we will recognize both Franklin AND Mike in Second Place. (We’re posting the abbreviated names, unless specified as a full name in the alias)

2011 Small Bore Series Winners
First Place Alejandro Avi (600 Points)
Second Place Franklin Dam and Mike Gol
Fourth Place Dan Kraus (592 Points)

Honorable Mention
Hepcatz (578 Points)
Earl Gue (573 Points)
Boris Cozlatti (571 Points)
Curtis Huf (570 Points)
Wes McB (559 Points)

For the Championship Index Series, if we drop 8 events Alejandro wins the series by one point and Ryan comes in second. If we drop 7 events, Ryan wins by one point with Alejandro in second. Third and fourth place are Wade and Fred, respectively. Larry is not eligible, since he is an organizer. So the in light of the lack of clarification, we will recognize both Alejandro AND Ryan in First Place.

2011 Championship Index Series
First Place Alejandro Avi and Ryan Pal
Third Place Wade Cha
Forth Place Fred Kel

Honorable Mention (in addition to the fast small bore guys already mentioned)
Mike Lan
Jared Gol
John L
Aron Par
Juan Guz
Allen Bis

This Year’s FTDs were the following:

Wade Cha (3/19/11, 5/7/11, 6/11/11, 8/6/11, 9/10/11, 9/24/11)
Franklin Dam (4/23/11)
Fred Kel (4/30/11,6/25, 10/8/11)
Don Fit (7/9/11)
Brian Kar (8/13/11)
Alejandro Avi (8/27/11)
Jeff Dun (11/19/11)

Congratulations to all the winners and to all the participants this year. Have a save winter and hope to see you all at the awards lunch (to be announced).


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CANCELLED July 23rd Autox at Hylton HS

With the forecast for Saturday being over 100 degree tempertures (perceived temperature of 115 degrees). We are cancelling the Saturday July 23rd AutoX.

Normally, we hold events regardless of the temperture, but are now concerned for the safety of our participants getting heat exhaustion or heat stoke.

As a result, we feel that the prudent thing is for us to cancel the event and have requested another date (to be determined) from the school.

Safety is always our biggest concern.

Sorry for any inconvience this may have caused you.

Thank you for your understanding.

Ed Chan

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Next Autox (with $10 discount for second slot) SATurday July 9th James Wood HS Winchester Va

SATurday July 9th Autocross

James Woods HS in Winchester, VA is the location of the next Capital Driving Club autocross on SATURDAY July 9th.

Registration and tech inspection will be at 8:15 (giving you 15 extra minutes) and will promptly close at 8:45 to try to accommodate the full field, while still giving 6 runs. You must be DONE by 8:45. So if you arrive at 8:15 you won’t have a problem. Don’t arrive at the last minute.

Due to increases in costs from last year, the event fee for the Saturday autocross is $30 for members and $40 for non-members.

New Bar Codes

Make sure you download the new bar codes for 2011 (some of the early barcodes in early 2010 won’t work. So if you want to use last year’s barcodes, make sure it is the same format as the new barcodes).

We have a new index for lightweight cars (under 1500 pounds) and the bar codes are now different for small bore cars from the early barcodes. The early bar codes from 2010 just won’t work. If you have a car weighing under 1500 pounds, we are in the process of updating it (we can also print it out at the event in this case).

So to be on the safe side, print out new barcodes that can be found on the web forum under autocross section. You have to register on the forum to open the attachments.

If you have problems, you can e-mail me at capitaldriving@yahoo.com or we can also print barcodes for you at the event.

On-line Reservation System

Member reservations (or participants that will join the club upon showing up) for any events can be made at any time. Open reservations for non-members for this event begin Friday July 1st.

New Members

We will be accepting new members at this event. If you plan to join the club at this event, you may make a reservation at this time by doing the following:

1. Use “0” as the member number (a permanent number will be assigned to you after you join and you will get a temporary number for this event)
2. TYPE “I will be joining the club at this event” in the NOTES section when making you reservation.

$10 Discount on Second Slot

To help increase interested in the July 9th event at James Wood HS in Winchester, VA, we are offering the following special.

For anyone paying for a second slot, the second slot will be $10 off. So if you are a member the second slot for a member will only be $20. If the second slot is for a non-member the cost will be $30 (rather than $40).

The second slot can also be used the same driver (e.g. they would drive in two heats) or for a guest.

If you sign up for a second slot, make second reservation and just type “Second Slot” in the Notes Section. Otherwise, we may think you mistakenly submitted duplicate reservations.

-Several people used the second slot for a guest (some that never autocrossed with CDC)
-Many participants used the second slot to get 12 runs
-Some used the second slot to be a point autocross in the 6 morning runs (since only the first 6 counted for points) then treated the afternoon as a TNT by trading cars with other two slot participants

This offer is only extended for this event at James Wood HS on Saturday July 9th, 2011 and will only be offered at James Wood HS.

If you have any questions, let me know at capitaldriving@yahoo.com.


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TurboXS and AndrewTech Sponsors Autox at Harry Grove Stadium

Last Sunday (May 29th), CDC the 3rd Annual AndrewTech/TurboXS Test and Tune Autox. Like years past, the event was at Harry Grove Stadium in Frederick, MD and allowed experienced autocrossers plus those that have never autocrossed to take six runs at the course.

Although it was a very hot day, the free food and drink made the event bearable for about 70 participants along with other family members, girlfriends, boyfriends, and even family dogs. We saw lots of new faces and hope they all come back to CDC soon.

Again, thanks to our sponsors TurboXS and AndrewTech. Both of these shop do excellant work and encourage everyone to support these shops.

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