CDC 2014 Championship Results

Congratulations to our Index series winners this year!

1st Place: Franklin Dam – 8 free passes
2nd Place: Jay Parsons – 6 free passes
3rd Place: Kamran Bakhtian – 4 free passes
4th Place: Chad Williams – 3 free passes
5th Place: Dan Kraus – 2 free passes
6th Place: Jim Harris – 1 free pass

For the 2014 Season, we had 11 different people getting FTDs (2 non-members) out the 14 autocross events. Congratulations to the following CDC Members for getting FTD this year:

Wade Chamberlain
Eric Higgins
Brian Karwan
Howard Leiken
Riki Lee
Franklin Dam
Danny Kao
Jim Harris
Sean Glazar

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