New Changes for the 2014 Season

OK. After much debate (both in the open forum and with the organizers), here’s the new changes for the 2014 season:

The new tire indexes will be as follows:

Tires Multipler
201+TW (Lower performance tires, all-seasons) – 0.99
101-200TW (R1R, Rivals, RS3, ZII, etc.) (Make this the default at registration) – 1.00
50-100TW (RA1, R888, A048) – 1.01
<50TW (Hoosiers, V710, Z214) - 1.025 We will remove the Small Bore Series but will add the FYI sortable "fun" groups (small bore, AWD, etc) with no prizes. To make up the reduced prizes from the elimination of Small Bore, we will create more prizes as outlined below: Index awards (end of season): 1st place - 8 passes 2nd - 6 passes 3rd - 4 passes 4th - 3 passes 5th - 2 passes 6th - 1 pass If certain "Fun" groups become popular (e.g. more than 9 participants at most events) during the 2014 season, we may add a "fun" prize for that group in the in 2015 season. I think all of the CDC'ers want to keep the system simple and not cause various sub-groups. I think these slight changes will make the tire index more fair and the additional awards will allow more people to win passes. Making Small Bore (and adding other fun groups), should help keep everyone together as one group. When Small Bore was first introduced the Miatas and other small bore cars were much slower than the other cars. Now Miatas often do well in the index and even take FTD. So in some sense, the Small Bore cars have pretty much grew out of the initial reasons for giving them a special series. Ed

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