2013 CDC Winners

Congratulations to the following 2013 CDC Winners:

Eric Higgins (16 Passes)
Index Champion, Small Bore Series Champion, FTD 3/16/13, 11/16/13

Fraklin Dam (12 Passes)
Index Champion, 2nd Place Small Bore Series

Dan Kraus (4 Passes)
3rd Place Index Series, 3rd Small Bore Series

Josh Adams (1 Pass)
4th Place Index Series

Lorenzo Acosta (1 Pass)
4th Place Small Bore Series

Crag Staurd
FTD 4/20/13, 5/4/13, 6/1/13, 8/31/13

Jared Goldbach
FTD 5/19/13, 7/13/13

Wade Chamberlain
FTD 6/16/13, 6/29/13, 8/10/13

Matt Huffman
FTD 7/2/13

Andrew Stowell
FTD 9/14/13

Jerry Byrd
FTD 9/28/13

Steve Catlin
FTD 10/19/13

I hope everyone had a great time with the CDC events this year. We do our best to provide a safe and fun event for everyone. So if you have any comments to help improve our organization, please e-mail me at capitaldriving@yahoo.com.


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