CDC 2014 Championship Results

Congratulations to our Index series winners this year!

1st Place: Franklin Dam – 8 free passes
2nd Place: Jay Parsons – 6 free passes
3rd Place: Kamran Bakhtian – 4 free passes
4th Place: Chad Williams – 3 free passes
5th Place: Dan Kraus – 2 free passes
6th Place: Jim Harris – 1 free pass

For the 2014 Season, we had 11 different people getting FTDs (2 non-members) out the 14 autocross events. Congratulations to the following CDC Members for getting FTD this year:

Wade Chamberlain
Eric Higgins
Brian Karwan
Howard Leiken
Riki Lee
Franklin Dam
Danny Kao
Jim Harris
Sean Glazar

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New Changes for the 2014 Season

OK. After much debate (both in the open forum and with the organizers), here’s the new changes for the 2014 season:

The new tire indexes will be as follows:

Tires Multipler
201+TW (Lower performance tires, all-seasons) – 0.99
101-200TW (R1R, Rivals, RS3, ZII, etc.) (Make this the default at registration) – 1.00
50-100TW (RA1, R888, A048) – 1.01
<50TW (Hoosiers, V710, Z214) - 1.025 We will remove the Small Bore Series but will add the FYI sortable "fun" groups (small bore, AWD, etc) with no prizes. To make up the reduced prizes from the elimination of Small Bore, we will create more prizes as outlined below: Index awards (end of season): 1st place - 8 passes 2nd - 6 passes 3rd - 4 passes 4th - 3 passes 5th - 2 passes 6th - 1 pass If certain "Fun" groups become popular (e.g. more than 9 participants at most events) during the 2014 season, we may add a "fun" prize for that group in the in 2015 season. I think all of the CDC'ers want to keep the system simple and not cause various sub-groups. I think these slight changes will make the tire index more fair and the additional awards will allow more people to win passes. Making Small Bore (and adding other fun groups), should help keep everyone together as one group. When Small Bore was first introduced the Miatas and other small bore cars were much slower than the other cars. Now Miatas often do well in the index and even take FTD. So in some sense, the Small Bore cars have pretty much grew out of the initial reasons for giving them a special series. Ed

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Proposed Changes in 2014 CDC Autocross Series

After lots of discussion with the organizers, we have come up with the following proposed changes for the 2014 season that we believe will make improve the CDC autocross series:

1. Participants may only participate in (and accrue points for) one series per event. This means if a participant chooses to participate in the small bore series at an event the points accrued at that event shall only be applied to their year end points in the small bore series. This is to prevent a single person from winning multiple CDC series (sorry Eric, Franklin, and Dan!). Participants that run a small bore car but do not select the small bore series, will be assumed to be participating in the CDC Index Series. Participants have 5 days after the posting of the event results to make any corrections to series/car/etc. If a series is not selected at registration then that participant will automatically be placed in the regular series.

2. The Subaru BRZ and Scion FRS shall be added to the list of Small Bore eligible cars. CDC intends to expand the list of eligible cars in the Small Bore Series. Anyone who wishes to have their car added to small bore may petition to have it added by e-mailing me at

3. Tire indexes shall change as follows… 1.0 for tires with a treadwear rating of 200 and above, 1.01 for tires with a treadwear rating from 100 to 199 (inclusive), and 1.02 for tires with a treadwear rating less than 100. This change will make those with r-compound tires more competitive.

Before we finalize the changes, we want to put it out in the general forum for comments and discussion. So feel free to respond with your ideas at the CDC autocross forum We do ask that all the comments remain constructive and not to bash anyone. All inappropriate comments will be deleted.


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2014 Calendar

Hey Everyone,

We have posted the new 2014 CDC calendar (not the schedule which is still in progress) in the Media Section . Feel free to print it out and share!

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!


-P.S. If we get a warm weekend during the winter, we MAY hold an informal Test and Tune event at Harry Grove Stadium in Frederick, MD. If we hold an event, we will send out an e-mail via the CDC Google Group.

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2013 CDC Winners

Congratulations to the following 2013 CDC Winners:

Eric Higgins (16 Passes)
Index Champion, Small Bore Series Champion, FTD 3/16/13, 11/16/13

Fraklin Dam (12 Passes)
Index Champion, 2nd Place Small Bore Series

Dan Kraus (4 Passes)
3rd Place Index Series, 3rd Small Bore Series

Josh Adams (1 Pass)
4th Place Index Series

Lorenzo Acosta (1 Pass)
4th Place Small Bore Series

Crag Staurd
FTD 4/20/13, 5/4/13, 6/1/13, 8/31/13

Jared Goldbach
FTD 5/19/13, 7/13/13

Wade Chamberlain
FTD 6/16/13, 6/29/13, 8/10/13

Matt Huffman
FTD 7/2/13

Andrew Stowell
FTD 9/14/13

Jerry Byrd
FTD 9/28/13

Steve Catlin
FTD 10/19/13

I hope everyone had a great time with the CDC events this year. We do our best to provide a safe and fun event for everyone. So if you have any comments to help improve our organization, please e-mail me at


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